Website Policies

Copyright policy

One may reproduce the material featured over this website free of cost in any kind of media or format without obtaining specific permission. The material/content that is being reproduced remains subject to be used accurately without any misleading context or a derogatory manner. Either one publishes or issues the material to others, the sources should be stated prominently. However, on this website, the permission of reproducing does not extend to any content/material that is identified as the copyright of a third party. To recreate such material, authorisation should be obtained from the concerned copyright holders. 

Hyperlinking policy

Links to external websites/portals

In this website, you may notice that there are links directing to other portals or websites at some places. These links have been placed to make it convenient for the visitors to gain knowledge and know the sources. Ayush cannot be held responsible for the authenticity of the linked websites’ or portals’ and its content. Our website does not endorse any opinions or views expressed by these websites (mere listing or presence of their links on our website must not be assumed as an endorsement). Neither Ayush guarantees smooth working of these links nor it controls the availability of any linked pages. 

Links to Ayush website by other websites

Ayush does not raise any objection to link to the information hosted over this site directly. For the same, no permission prior is needed. However, we do not consent our pages to be published on your website into frames. Pages that belong to Ayush website must load in a new browser window of the users. 

Privacy policy

Minsitry of Ayush website does not gather Personal Information of visitors, they can visit the website without sharing their personal information, unless they choose to reveal such information for some specific purpose. The usage of such information depends on the purpose and we do so after your consent. 

Site visit data

This site records logs and visits of the mentioned information for statistical purpose, including address of your server, domain name from which you are accessing the internet (for instance, .com, .gov, .in, and more); browser type; time and date of access, accessed pages and downloaded documents, and the previous Internet address that you linked to the website directly. 

We do not recognize users or their surfing activities besides a law enforcement agency may issue a warrant to probe the logs of the service provider. 


A cookie is an information piece that is sent by an internet website to your  browser whenever you access any information of the website. This website does not make use of cookies. 

Email management – collection of Personal Information

Ayush records your email only if you choose to send a message. We use only for the purpose you have shared with us and it will not be added to the mailing list. Your email address is neither used nor disclosed for any other purpose except for the purpose that you have given your consent. 

If we ask you to share any other Personal Information,  you will be given information prior. In any case, you feel that the principles mentioned in this privacy statement have not been followed, or you want to share something regarding these principles, please inform the webmaster via the contact us page. 

Note: By using the term “Personal Information” mentioned in this privacy statement can be referred to any information via which your identity is ascertained or apparent.